• 08/11/13
    Updates of Innovision '13 is now LIVE on Monday Morning, our official in-campus media partner.
  • 07/11/13
    5000+ likes in Facebook.
  • 02/11/13
    Find NIT Rourkela Campus map and available trains to Rourkela here. Explore the map to enjoy the 3 days of your stay in NITR campus and have a safe journey!
  • 29/10/13
    All unverified accounts have been verified by us manually. Don't panic if you didn't get your verification mail after registration, we will verify you manually within hours of your registration. Thank you for your patience.
  • 29/10/13
    Check out our Hospitality page here for details regarding accommodation.
  • 23/10/13
    Campus Ambassador application is available here.
  • 01/10/13
    Online registration has started. Click here to register.

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