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Star Kraft

Similar to a treasure hunt, the participating teams will compete among each other to find an ancient artifact to save the galaxy from an impending alien invasion.

Crescent Connection

To construct a truss bridge out of Popsicle sticks(ice cream sticks) and a cantilever beam of straws satisfying the stated constraints.


Round 1:
Welcome to a game where you will earn then design and finally sell. The first round will be a written round with mental ability, puzzles, riddles and basic technical and general knowledge questions. Teams can have a maximum of three participants. 10 shortlisted teams qualify on to the second round. Points won in first round as number of correctly answered questions constitute the "virtual money" a team earns till that point in the game. The Top 10 team will surely get prizes.
Round 2:
A different clue for each team leads them onto a location within the institute, where they can gain further clues which lead them onto their next destination while adding up to their virtual money. If a team's stuck at any point, they can request hints from the organizers, but each of them result in slight reductions in the said money. All the clues, when gathered, coalesce into the name of a product, one which holds prime significance in the third and final round. The top 5 team will qualify for the final round and the top 3 team will get food coupons of a The Regency Inn’s restaurant.
Round 3:
The 5 teams with the maximum money qualify onto this round, where their main aim is to market a product before a panel of judges. In order to help them in the same, they can create posters or any other form of advertisement with materials provided to them. The virtual money earned can now be segregated and invested in different avenues related to the product, like failure handling or publicity. The most convincing teams will be declared the ultimate winners. The WINNER will get Rs.2000 worth GOODIES and RUNNERS-UP will get Rs.1000 worth GOODIES.

Smeaton's Cube

Production of the concrete cube of dimension 15*15*15 cm of minimum compressive strength of 35 MPa.

Mystery Trail 2.0

Participants interested in mathematics can get a platform to prove their skills. The event consists of three rounds .
1) The first round is based on aptitude and simple mathematics questions.
2)In the second round ,the chits containing the names of mathematicians will be given to choose and questions will be asked based on his famous theory.
3)Treasure hunt.

The Debugger

Student would be taught 3 electronic circuits/ configurations used most frequently in the different gadgets. After teaching them the circuits, an erratic arrangement of the components would be given to them. Within a specific time limit, they have to rectify the error in the circuit and make it functioning.

Genio - Di - Avventura

The event will include teams each consisting of two/three members, who will be striving to reach the final destination through a series of obstacles, that has to be overcome using one’s grey matter, appearing before them at regular intervals. Along this approach, the teams need to maximize their cash balance. The team that will be successful in doing so in minimum time will be adjudged the winner.

Market O Mania 3.0

The event will include teams each consisting of 2 members who will be given the opportunity to show their knowledge and marketing skills.
The event consisting of 3 rounds.

1 - The first round is treasure hunt round.
2 - The second round is BUYING and SELLING where the participants have to buy and sell their given products.
3 - This round is a surprise round.


This event analyses your analytical and aptitude skills and is a proper combination of intelligence with smartness.


Photographs of the group or individual will be posted in the page.

The Intelligent Trader 3.0

The Intelligent Trader is an event which will test your buying, selling and bargaining skills. Initially each team will allotted a certain amount of virtual money as well as virtual commodities. Teams will have to sell, buy or exchange the commodities with other competing teams to maximize the number of commodities they have. Certain commodities will be set for auction by the government which will be sold to the team offering the highest bid.

Mini Militia

A intense online multiplayer combat , shooting game with a local Wifi.


The event is independently hosted by team PennyIndia.

The Event is basically oriented towards mental aptitude,situation reaction,business skills and presence of mind.

The event will be of two rounds.
Round 1 :
This will have questions related to general aptitude,business aptitude,current affairs and few general observational questions.
Round 2 :
1/4 participants of 1st round will be screened to the second round. This round will have 6 levels each consisting of 4 questions(mcq)
After the end of each level there will be an obstacle crossing which the participant will proceed to the next level.

Disaster Diagnostics

Students will be provided with a disaster scene with requisite data and observations. Their responsibility is to analyze the data in order to determine the exact cause of the disaster and thus provide an engineering solution to avoid the same.

Japanese Joinery

Participants will be provided with thermocol, cutter and scale. They will be given prior demonstrations on basic wooden joints (lap, butt, miter, Tenon mortise, etc.). After which they will be introduced to Joints used in Classical Japanese Architecture.
Participants will have to make a structure using the existing joints or develop a new joint by their creativity and imagination.

Cup Tower

Participants will have to make a structure using paper cups.

Crack the B2B Case

Prepare a Case study report based on its Problem which includes real life problem, its Solution options which builds the case for its product or service and its Results which creates lessons for product or service implementation process.
Topic of Case Study Report- The Case of Reliance Jio - 4G data war in Indian telecom space.

Round 1: Elimination Round
Executive summary of the Case Study Report (not more than 1000 words). The summary of the case study will be evaluated by sponsored.

Round 2: On-campus Round
The shortlisted teams will make it to come NIT Rourkela Campus for the final round
Short listed teams have to submit their presentation on their
Case Study Report
Present it to the panel in the final round
One winner and one runner up to be declared among all teams.
Registrations start: 19th October 2016
Registrations End: 29th October, 9:00 PM
Off-campus Round 1 (Executive Summary): 30th October 2016
Shortlist for Final Round: 31st October 2016
Final On-Campus Round: 5th November 2016

Social Enterprise Competition

Details here,
Identify a problem in your community, city or state (even region). Briefly
theoretically explain the problem. Identify; the type(s) of the problem. (300 to 500 words)
Provide quantitative or qualitative primary sources evidence of the problem

(whichever is more relevant) i.e data, photos, interview, sketches etc. Also provide secondary,

source evidence (research) on the problem.

Electro Canvas

It’ll be a circuit simulation and presentation event. The teams will be given aproblem statement. They have to design a suitable circuit to solve the problem. The circuit should be working, efficient and of low cost.
PS- They don’t have to make a real circuit with components. Just they have to make the design of the circuit to accomplish the task. They can use any of the circuit designing or simulation software, or if not available, they can design it with pen and paper. They’ve to explain the whole circuit to the judges.

Smart City Convention

In the approach of the Smart Cities Mission, the objective is to promote cities that provide core infrastructure and give a decent quality of life to its citizens in a clean and sustainable environment.

It involves smart traffic management, proper location of schools, libraries, transportation systems, hospitals, power plants, water supply networks, waste management, law enforcement,mall and community centres,robust IT connectivity and digitalization.

Since it’s a new concept,so the process of co-creation through public participation is the prime motive of this competition

Jail and Bail 2.0

Participants interested in mathematics can get a good platform to prove their skills. The event consists of two rounds namely first and second respectively. The first round is based on solving sudoku.The second round is based on scoring points in competitions which last for 1-2 minutes.

Alchemy Trail

Arranging order, predicting the element, name reaction, multiple choice question. Participants answer 20 questions to get to the treasure hunt level. Participant cross 4 check points located within the institute to get to the final level. At each check point they get a question which on answering they get piece of an image and hint to the next location. Joining all the pieces of the image they get 3 hints to predict the image to win the game.

Blown Away

Firstly a demo will be given by CEST members on how to construct structures. Then the participants will be asked to construct a building using toothpicks and clay which must withstand the wind action. Also all the raw materials for constructing the structure will be provided by the event organizers.

Chemo O Maniac

Audio-visual, puzzle, arrange the order, multiple choice, one-word answer.
1. 4 rounds will be conducted with different type of questions, each round with some selection and elimination.
2. Question level decreases with increase in level.
3. Final round is a rapid fire round of 15 questions with point scoring.
4. Team with maximum number of points wins the game.

Hydraulic Crane

The teams have to make cranes which functions solely due to hydraulic force and not due to electronics.


Viruses can infect living body when they come in contact. Specific antidotes are there for specific viruses to destroy them. This event will be a strategical,turn based combat type game where teams will attack each other and defend themselves. the last one standing will be declared the winner. Each team comprises of 2 members . There will be 2 rounds in this game .
Round 1:
It’s a written round. We will be giving questions and those teams who will be able to solve most questions will be selected for the next round. This is the elimination round.The selected members will go to round 2.8 teams will be selected from this round.
Round 2:
Each team will be consisting of 2 members.They will be given 40 questions. 20 questions on viruses to 1 member and 20 questions on antidotes to the another member of that team. They will solve questions to get antidotes and viruses. Every virus or antidote will be having its own special properties. For every question solved different types of virus or antidote can be obtained.Then there will be a knock out round through lottery.It will be a turn based combat. 1 team will attack another using specific property of his virus.the other team can either fight back or defend themselves using antidotes. Based on the points gained by the teams using viruses and antidotes , 4 teams will be selected by knock out.Then through this process 2 teams will be selected and then finally the winner.


This is a fun game full of childhood memories similar to that of SNAKE N LADDER game.But this time it’s something different there are some rule n regulations set. The participants must come in a team of 2 members.


Lock N Load, Counter Strike Global Offensive is coming. Brace yourselves gamers. The new generation Counter Strike (v 1.33) is here to find and margin that gamer team among you to expose in the vast world of e-gaming.

PC Games-FIFA and NFS

Get FIFA 15 and NFS Most Wanted installed in your laptops and bring it
along with your controllers and chargers.
Registration is from 11 am to 12 noon at the venue on 5th Nov only.


The event consists of 14 games and the credits are issued and controlled by an android application. By default the participants or the bidders are virtually provided with 1000 bucks each. Before initiating any game, the participants are supposed to open the app and simply scan the QR Code assigned to that particular game. Considering the performance of the participant , he /she is awarded with certain amount of bucks.
Eventually, all the participants are left over with a particular number of bucks. The participants bid against one another. This way the auction is held and participants win the prizes accordingly.
The games of this event are the ones that engages in for amusement, some of them being the spoon sault, Geometric damsharades, Brownian tennis, the Greedy Knight etc.