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A digital art and design exhibition. As an addition to the last year’s design exhibition organised by DesignTab during INNOVISION, this edition aims at bridging the gap between design and technology. The exhibition will showcase the best works by the club members and other designers in various fields. It will also focus on the latest trends in designing in various aspects of life, science/engineering and commercial space (like digital design, print media, technical and engineering designs etc). The audience is expected to witness some brilliant design works in all fields of design and to get inspired by the scope of design in engineering life.


We the students of Architecture welcome all of you to come and experience the world of architecture which expresses design and spaces in a new dimension.


“If it’s a new planet, sign me up. I’m tired of driving around the block, boldly going where hundreds have gone before in orbit around earth—give me a place to go and I’ll go."
— Neil deGrasse Tyson.
Bright spots on a black canvas have this magical ability of transporting us to places never seen before, never been before and never experienced before. The stars, the constellations, the galaxies are a proof to the fact that we humans are just ripples in this vast sea of universe. We have spent ages and will spend ages but this gigantic monstrous yet beautiful piece of art will still remain something outside of our comprehension. The only thing we can do to control is to resize it within our limits of understanding and decipher it deeper and better. INNOVISION 2016 brings you an opportunity to travel to this boundless space in the planetarium set up by the Indian Partners of world famous Japanese Planetarium Instrument Manufacturers Go Tio Inc. Go Tio has the proud distinction of setting up 18 planetariums across the globe. So this INNOVISION gear up for a ride across the Gargantula in 30 minutes for just 100 green chips. Take off station is none other than BBA Lawns. So practice to walk in zero gravity !

Set to Rise

It is a nightlong sky watch session through our Celestron CPC-1100XLT Telescope. Night sky watch session is open for all from 9pm to 6am. People will be shown different objects in night sky and it shall end with watching Sun using solar filter in the morning.

Robo Expo

Control and Automation has always been successful in making day to day lives way easier and with each passing day this sector has only simplified life of humans a step further. The very first invention of this technological arena was the birth of a ‘Robot’ and with time this robot has grown and metamorphosed into highly crucial creature capable of doing multiple task with the hawk eye precision. So, INNOVISION 2016 brings you ‘MANAV’ the first completely indigenous robot, India’s first and world’s cheapest bionic arm and an array of varied exhibits to enthrall you. The other highlights of this show will be Brain Sensory Devices, Soccer playing bot and fully autonomous drone. To take this experience to next level we have high end actuators, muscle activity sensors, 3D printing technology and Carbon fiber and Magnesium alloy products. So this INNOVISION let’s meet up in the CS department seminar hall to experience the next level of Matrix Revolution!

Little Science Yard

An exhibition where kids from different workplaces of AASRA will be presenting exhibits of science and arts. This event holds the objectives of providing exposure to our kids, boosting their personality, developing their interest in science.

Green Tile

The tiles are kind energy recovery system.the downward force drives an energy storing flywheel inside the tile, which spins to convert kinetic energy into electrical energy through electromagnetic induction.it’s like a generator which spinning a flywheel with footsteps.walking burns a lot of calories, but the energy we expend doing it ceases to be useful after we hit the pavement.so converting these energy to electrical energy can be a great step to generate energy.

Car Show by ASME

Team Zon is the solar vehicle team of NIT Rourkela. In its first endeavor ESVC 2016 they bagged the award for Best Business plan, 2nd in Design and Innovation and won the "We Love Memories" award.
Team Zon is going to display it's vehicle at Innovision 2016.
Also you can charge your phone from our vehicle using solar power.


Will be updated soon.

Coin and stamp EXPO

Remember those days when we used to steal the old one rupee coins from our fathers shirt pocket to buy that extra chocolate on our way back home from school? Or how the stamp with Indira Gandhi on it served as the only important thing for us in an extremely important letter given by postman. Times changed, we grew up and soon we realized that this collection of coins and stamps are sometimes worth a million rupees if collected meticulously. Even though in the trepidations of our daily lives this hobby doesn`t get a fair amount of time, the thirst to collect coins and stamp still remain alive within us. INNOVISION 2016 brings you such an event for the delight of all the numismatists and philatelist, an invaluable collection of coins of stamps presented by Kabi Chandra Mahanta and Nishit Ray. Be there to witness the chronology of events written in the words of coins and stamps. This INNOVISION bear a witness to an event of first of its kind ever in the history of NITR at EC-Seminar Hall.

Quad - View

Perspective is a perception. Nature is beautiful and its beauty has never failed to amaze the human kind. Cyborg gives you another perspective to look at nature. An angle from which it is rarely seen. An angle which adds a new dimension to it. Come and drive into the sky to look at the earth from the sky. This is not the day when you look into the sky. This is the day when you look into the earth. Experience reality – flying with the quadcopter, in all sense


How does facial recognition work? How do fingerprint scanner recognize our prints? Explore image processing via interactive games and get to learn the technology behind it.


Two Wheeled Self-Balancing Robot is based on the principle of inverted pendulum. An inverted pendulum is a pendulum which has its mass above its pivot point. Accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer are used to calculate the current tilt angle and its direction, force is applied accordingly by the motors. Confused? Come and see the bot in action and learn the science behind it. How a two wheeled bot balances itself?


Need For Speed? Yes! Play NFS with the most realistic controls and environment. Racers should race, cops should eat donuts. Beauty will go bingo on that route, so we're gonna have to hot fuel and top off cause its the need for speed that's NFS. Show your skill and let others know how speed enthralls you in this tech-enhanced version of NFS

Visitor Counter

Curious about the number of people in the fest? Cyborg presents to you the first ever visitor counter. The event will throw light on the benefits of using automatic counting and speed measurement using automation.It will give an idea of the number of people visiting the place.The audience is expected to witness a fascinating door frame with automatic counter display on it

Brainwave controlled Robotics

Ever wondered why did the sorting hat never put Harry into Slytherin instead of Gryffindor in spite of being a parsle-tongue or why did the famous drug lord could not lie to FBI in-spite of being professional in fooling people? It`s because of their brains! While you can control the impulses and make this delicate and intricate organ to function as per your wish, the complexities are sometimes baffling to even tell a simple lie! INNOVISION 2016 in collaboration with ‘Neurosky and Mind Wave Technologies’ bring you ‘Mind Games’, first time ever in the history of NITR. An enthralling event where all the work you do is to put up a brain cap and just…play. So this INNOVISON get ready to train your grey cells!

Air show and Smart vehicle Exhibition

When was the last time you fancied to fly to your destination of work just within the flick of an eye just as your favorite superhero did? Or tried to imitate Iron Man but failed because you would not levitate! INNOVISION 2016 brings you an opportunity to realize your dreams and just wander around at least a foot above the ground! Can`t believe? Then this INNOVISION be there to witness the exclusive hover board and air show presented to you exclusively by INNOVISION in collaboration with Hawk Eye Techworks. An extravaganza of aerial acts and next gen technologies because engineers just don’t aim for stars they shoot for it!

Vehicle EXPO

The thrill of speed. The immense power of throttle. The smell of burnt tire. Everything that would make the motor maniac in you go crazy and ga-ga. And believe it or not, this time the caravan of fast bikes and vintage American muscle cars won’t be something you just see in a “Fast and the Furious” movie, they will be something you can see in real life. This Innovision , we present to you, an auto expo, that is bound to get your adrenaline racing and your hearts pumping. So come the 5th of November, head over to the lawns of RM Mishra Exhibition Hall, to witness a host of superbikes and cars in all their glory. As they say, “It's a never ending battle of making your cars better and also trying to be better yourself.”