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Flagship Events


Techibition, an exhibition of your unique innovations, we are looking for ideas that stand out, one that showcase your talent.

Drone Wars

Use a wireless controlled flying platform to complete an obstacle course in minimum time without crashing. The path will consist of loops, bends, underpass, overpass along an aerial track ending at the same point, testing pilot and machine maneuverability skills.

Death Race 5.0

Galvatron has attacked once again and this time he has a nebular source of energy which he has implemented at GMT +0 to create a portal with the planet ‘Magestores’ of the ‘Osyphirus Galaxy’. Its from a few hours to deploy completely which will leave the portal unamendable ever. Sadly, Optimus Prime has fallen and it’s a tough situation for the whole world. In this crisis scenario, all hopes are left upon BumbleBee and Brains. All other Autobots are dead or else fighting against the huge army from the ‘Magestores’. The only way to save the earth is closing the portal to the other galaxy. Race against time and lead BumbleBee to use his speed and Brains to think in every points of this time. Either you win or the world loses its very existence.

Tread O Quest 3.0

The terrorist forces of Osama bin Laden have ambushed our entire city and have taken some innocent citizens as hostages. Intelligence reports also suggest that the extremist forces have breached the armory of the police and taken control of them. The police being involved with them, leaves the entire city in the hands of the terrorist personnel. Our scientists have found out a way to overpower them by creating next generation robots which can help us in this time of distress. You have been called to save your brothers in peril and those countless civilian settlements. Lead the suicide mission with your genetic matched robot and overcome the obstacles to save the city from being turned to dust. Be the legend you were meant to be!!

The Lost symbol

Lights out! daunting silence!! dubious ambience!!! Lights on!!!! ROBBED!!!!! It served as an immense blow to the world, when the most resolute bank “Well –Fargo’s” got robbed out of everything it had. The stunt left no hints and mystery left unrevealed!! . After the incident, then came the storm, a series of robberies in a flash. A distorted CCTV footage managed to disclose the identity of the culprits as a bunch of exemplary, world-renowned MAGICIANS.
An offender caught by the FBI, grudgingly revealed that the cash robbed was showered among the underprivileged. Conversely, the money robbed was a fortune and the quantity donated was marginal. Where was the money going?
Were the deceitful illusionists meddling with the minds of the people as they always do??
The FBI after an intense investigation revealed that a substantially powerful organization was helping the magicians with their hideous act. The baffling part was that the “organization was communicating with the culprits through some unknown form of images which included hidden messages”. The FBI is in an immense need of brilliant minds to decipher out those messages.
Let’s put our intellectual brains together and get them whirring to decipher the mysterious messages securing our valuables from those treacherous thieves.
During the pre-innovision week from 28th Oct to 3rd Nov, a challenging question would be given on each day, inspiring the participants to get an insight into the happenings of the main event day. The one who solves the question accurately and as quickly as possible will be awarded with exhilarating prizes.
On the day of the event, a workshop will be conducted which would enable our participants to get familiar with Image Processing and Stenography techniques. We are not only in search for professionals, but also for enthusiastic learners. This would provide you with hands on experience of how to employ Image Processing techniques using MATLAB. To make the event more interactive and lively, we would be conducting two questionnaire rounds which need to be solved.

IPL Auction

An event for everyone who not only just loves the game of cricket, but also analyses it to the limit. This event makes you the don of the hat of a bidder. You need to manage your budget and you can strategise to make the best possible team competing against other opponents who will give you a run for your money, quite literally. If you love cricket, if you have followed IPL and if you can mix common sense with passion into your bidding strategy, this event is a must for you.

Round 1 - Online Quiz: 20 minutes duration

The quiz will contain questions only from Cricket. It will be an elimination round.

Round 2 - On-Campus Round: 3-4 hours duration

The final teams will compete in a live auction of players in NIT Rourkela Campus. Each team will be given a fixed budget which will be used for the auction. The aim will be to build a squad that maximizes the total attribute score of the team.
Ratings have been given on the basis of the player’s last year’s International T20performance (includes IPL and other Domestic Tournaments). Select your players accordingly.
Team composition: Batsmen 5, All-rounder -2, Wicket-keeper- 2, bowler- 6
Name 1 captain: Rating points tripled
Name 1 vice-captain: Rating points doubled
Maximum 4 international players
Registrations start: 19th October 2016
Registrations End: 29th October, 9:00 PM
Off-campus Round 1 (Quiz): 30th October 2016
Shortlist for Final Round: 31st October 2016
Final On-Campus Round: 5th November 2016

Eleusis: HR Case Challenge

SOM Department brings to you Eleusis - a HR business game with a difference. The event challenges the participants by the importance of planning, timing and thinking on their feet. This event will test the relationships and trust issues of a team with a round of business quiz.
Round 1: Quiz (online) 25 minutes time duration
Online Business Quiz. It will be an elimination round.
Round 2 (a): Case Study Competition (On-campus)
The shortlisted teams from Stage 1 will make it to come NIT, Rourkela campus for the next round and will be given a case. The teams need to submit the solution within a given stipulated time.
Round 2 (b): HR Task (On-campus)
The teams would then be given some HR based simulation task which would test their coordination of their relationship, planning, timing, thinking ability and their trust issues as a team.

Registrations start: 19th October 2016
Registrations End: 29th October, 9:00 PM
Off-campus Round 1 (HR Quiz): 30th October 2016
Shortlist for Final Round (Results of online quiz): 31st October 2016
Final On-Campus Round: 6th November 2016

Seminar on Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship: It Starts With Young People.

"Twenty, years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didnt do than by the ones you did do. So, throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. " And, above all solve a problem.

Grand Auto Quiz and Car Show

This event aims at mass participation of students in form of an car show and quiz simultaneously. It will be a daylong event and will be conducted for 2 days i.e Saturday and Sunday.
The car show will comprise of 3 cars mainly we made this year.The formula race car,an ATV and an electric go kart. At the same place there will be a grand auto Quiz of 3 rounds throughout the fest. Visitors and participants can have a very good interaction regarding automobiles and they can gather a lot through practical look over.