This is an infotainment event which consists of photography and designing tasks.
Participants have to design wire-frames of a website on a given topic and use their photography skills to make their designed website more vivid.
• A brief session will be there on a mockup software which will be used later in the event.
• Participants will be given a piece of A4 size of paper where they have to draw the outline of a webpage (on a given topic) as per their skill and innovative ideas.
• After a period of 45 minutes, participants will be allowed to submit their ideas to us.
• Next, they will be allowed to go for the second task,that is to click photos which they think would be suitable for their designed web pages.
• After the photography task, participants have to come back and submit their photos and construct the webpage in provided software.
• The results will be announced after the all participants submit their webpages.
Judging Criteria
Event Details
DATE :     4/11/17
VENUE :     LA 301
TIME :     9:30-3:00
Co-ordinator's Details
  1. Anshuman Samal   9938438952
  2. Rojalin Rout   8280063704