In this event participants are required to make a Cable-Stayed Popsicle Bridge i.e A bridge having two cantilevers supported from the base of a column and connected by strong threads.
The bridge length will be 60 cm and width should be around 10 cm.
The column can be placed anywhere across the length and threads will be used to support the bridge.
1. Every team will be given same amount of popsicle sticks (250).
2. Time will be 3 hours for each team which will include 30 mins of planning time.
Judging Criteria
1. Aesthetics: Points will be awarded for Bridge Design and Aesthetics.
2. Points will be deducted if a team requires more popsicle sticks.
3. Strength: The loads will be provided to the bridge gradually from the end towards the centre from both sides.
The structure withstanding maximum load will be announced winner.
Results: Load testing will be done the next day to allow the bridge to dry for a day.
The testing will be live streamed on our FB page or on YouTube.
Results will be announced the day after the day of event.
Event Details
DATE :     5/11/17
VENUE :     LA Verandah
TIME :     9:30-12:30
Co-ordinator's Details
  1. Smarak Kumar Dash   7540874581
  2. Rishabh Bajaj   9938502266