"This Quiz is a fun event organized by ASME NIT Rourkela Chapter .
This event basically consist of 3 Layers.
First two being Normal quiz rounds i.e. spot quizzes.
In the first round the participants will get a link regarding the sheet where they have to answer the quiz.
Following that there will be a Audio Visual round where few Images will be displayed, audio clips and videos will be played the participants have to answer in the same way as in the first round.
The last round being a surprise round will basically consist of Cryptic puzzles. In the final event the participants will be provided with three questions where the answer of first two will be the cryptic keywords to the final puzzle. So the team who solves the puzzle first will be declared as the winner."
"Round 1- general and mechanical questions +10 / -5 marking scheme Round 2- purely mechanical based questions with audio and visual questions +20/-15 marking scheme...if there is tie between teams....rapid round to be conducted for those teams... Round 3 - the treasure hunt round....set of questions to be given...clue to a ques lies in the ans to previous ques. "
Judging Criteria
Round 1 and 2 purely based on points.
Round 3 to be based on cumulative points from previous rounds and the time in which the teams complete the treasure hunt.
Event Details
DATE :     5/11/17
VENUE :     LA 217
TIME :     9:30-3:00
Co-ordinator's Details
  1. Debashish Kalita   8596047926
  2. Pratik Mohanty   7681086153