Lift Off

Necessity breeds invention, they say, and invent you must,for your rocket has run out of fuel,leaving you stranded on an alien planet!
But you are not afraid because you possess the knowledge of basic physics and aerodynamics.
Presenting the event LIFT-OFF where you must design a rocket with water as propellant and blast off into space.
The water rocket should be such that it can be launched at any angle with respect to the horizontal.
The teams will be participating in two rounds and the winners will be decided on the basis of rules given below.
1.Only plastic soft drink bottles are to be used for the rocket body.
2. The nose cone and fins should not be made of metal or any sharp surface.
The rocket should be launched using a string from a safe distance, not with the help of hands.
If a team fails to meet this requirements, it will be disqualified from the event.
3.The water rocket must use only compressed ambient atmospheric air as its source of energy.
Only tap water should be used in the rocket, and the water shall be provided by the organizers.
Water brought by the team shall not be allowed in the rockets.
4. The amount of water to be filled in the rocket body is left to the choice of the team.
5. The pressure inside the rocket body before launch should not exceed 60psi.
6. Launcher and pressure compressors will NOT be provides by the organizers.
7.The launcher to be constructed by the team should be fitted with an air compression device or pump for pressurizing the contents of the rocket.
A pressure gauge is to be attached to launcher for the pressure display.
8.Slingshots , catapults, cannons and all other forms of launcher boost assists are forbidden.
The internal pressure of the rocket must be the only source of energy.
9.In case of rocket split, the range of farthest part will be considered.
10.The teams may bring as many rockets as they wish but it should comply with the rules given above.
11.The rocket must have a variable launching angle capability.
12.The rocket shall be allowed only one attempt for launch.
13.A maximum of 2 litre water rocket is allowed in case of multistage water rocket.
14.Decision of Team UDAAN will be final.
Judging Criteria
1. The participants have to launch the rocket from the launching point and the rocket should land in the launch area.
2. The launch arena will be a sector of a circle with sector angle 45 degree and the launch will take place from the center.
3.The range of flight is the distance between the point of launch and the point of first impact with the ground.
ROUND 1- 1. Participants are scored primarily on the basis of their range of their flight.
2.The rocket going out of the sector of an angle 45 degrees will not be awarded any points.
3.Rocket landing inside a sector of angle 15 degrees will be given additional 25 points corresponding to the distance.
4.No additional points will be awarded if the rocket lands on the border of inner 15 degree sector.
ROUND 2- 1. Top 8 teams of Round 1 will be advanced to Round 2.
2.The problem statement of Round 2 of Lift Off will be disclosed on the day of the event.
Event Details
DATE :     4/11/17
TIME :     9:30-3:00
Co-ordinator's Details
  1. Namrata   7980530568
  2. Niki   7205345195