Smart City Convention

It is an art of designing desirable planning of a smart city and putting forth the views through a power point presentation which aims at accomplishing the following parameters.
Smart Urban planning
Smart water and waste management
Smart environment
Smart buildings
Smart IT and communications
Smart security and safety
Smart grid
Clean energy
P.S.-Planning should be done on a residential area for 50,000 people using a relevant software.
Group of maximum 3 members
Number of slides : 15-20
Presentation Duration: 10-15 minutes
In next 5 minutes there will be a question answer round by Judges.
The presentation must contain the plan of the smart city and layouts of significant locations.
If the participants are taking ideas from any other smart city they should mention that or can add case study of any other smart city.
Description of the issues and the proposed solution can be explained through sketches,artist impression , architectural drawings,3D visualization as per the preference of the participants.
Textual detailing/ explanation of desired elements might be provided wherever needed.
Judging Criteria
Judgement will be done depending on the quality and efficiency of the proposed plan by the juries.
Extra number of slides or extra time will lead to negative marking
The decision of the jury will be final.
Apart from photographic image sketches, artistic impression,3D visualizations using AutoCAD or google sketch up will add bonus to your performance.
Event Details
DATE :     5/11/17
VENUE :     LA 201
TIME :     9:30-12:30
Co-ordinator's Details
  1. Kishore Biswas   8018998373
  2. Pooja Nayak   8280490616