Due to lack of knowledge about surrounding nature, concept of materials and architectural mistakes the failure in structures take place.
It is essential to have in depth knowledge in order to detect problems on spot and eradicate engineering disasters.
Here is an event which is a case study concerning a certain civil engineering failure where participants will have to find out the root cause of the failure and give an investigation report of the same.
1. The event is open to all.
2. Maximum duration of presentation: 10 minutes.
3. The teams will have to present their investigation report (in the form of Power Point Presentation) during event.
4. The decision of judges will be final and biding.
Judging Criteria
1. The presentation will be evaluated by the judges on the basis of content, relevancy, accuracy and fluency.
2. The top one third teams will be selected for second round, which will be a question answer round.
3. Among those teams winner will be decided as per total scored points.
(0.7*points in presentation round+ 0.3* points in question answer round)
Event Details
DATE :     4/11/17
VENUE :     LA 317
TIME :     9:30-12:00
Co-ordinator's Details
  1. Kharavel Pradhan   7377727724
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