City of Smart Clans

The objective of this event is to promote cities that cater core infrastructure and provide its citizens a decent quality of life with a clean and sustainable environment by application of Smart Solutions .
Each team has to build a smart model which can fulfill all the requirements of citizens in an eco-friendly way.
The event will be conducted in two rounds:
Round 1 (Time limit- ½hr + ½ hr) Each team will get a fixed amount of virtual money through which they have to buy the elements.
Firstly, each team will be provided the rules and regulations for the event which include:
● cost of each elements required to build the city.
● Points corresponding to use of elements.
● List of mandatory and optional elements to be used.
● Criteria of judgement.
The event will began with an auction of elements related to build the city.
Round 2 (Time limit- 2 hr) Each team will be given a blank arena to start with, and will build the city with the elements they bought in the 1 st round.
The city should be build in such a manner that maximum population can be facilitated with all basic requirements in an eco-friendly manner.
(For example- coal power plant should be placed far away from the residential buildings).
Further all the models will be judged on various criteria which will be provided on spot.
Each team can have a maximum of 3 participants and minimum of 2 participants.
All the materials needed will be provided on spot.
All the other rules of this event will be given to each team just before ½ hour from the beginning of the event.
Judging Criteria
Event Details
DATE :     5/11/17
VENUE :     LA401
TIME :     1:00-4:00
Co-ordinator's Details
  1. Shubham Barik   8908320489
  2. Amiya Pati   8280344792