Global warming and pollution are definitely food for thought issues .
This event provides an opportunity to think out of the box on these issues
DAY1:There will be a workshop open to students of all branches.
DAY 2: The participants should come prepared with the complete idea of their presentation.
Students are required to design a car model that operates by chemical means, along with a poster describing the process flow.
The cars must operate using green methods, which do not release any pollution or waste in the form of a visible liquid or gas, such as exhaust.
It is time to knock your brains to find a substitute for the exhausting energy resources and showcase your innovation to use a chemical reaction to drive a car for a specified distance.
1.The process must have at least one chemical reaction
2. Chemicals used should not be hazardous.
3. One stopping reaction ,one starting reaction should be included.
4. Straight track of 20 m length.
5. Allowable distance after finishing line is 5 m.
6. Car dimensions should be such that it can fit into a box of dimensions (40*30*20 cm cube).
7. Vehicle shouldn't emit exhaust beyond permissible limits.
8. Time limit is 2 minutes
Judging Criteria
1- Cars crossing the 5 m allowable distance will be awarded - ve points.
2- The car which stops within the permissible gap first and less time will be awarded as winner.
3. The car crossing the time limit of 2 minutes will be awarded -ve points for each second of delay.
Event Details
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Co-ordinator's Details
  1. Manisha Rath   8280491344
  2. Aloof C.   +919946677840