Japanese Joinery

It’s an ancient carpentry technique with its origin in Japan.
It eliminates the use of nail and adhesives for joining but uses intricately designed interlocking shapes to form sturdy joints.
Structure created by this method lasts longer and are easily assembled and disassembled.
We would simulate the procedure using thermocol, creating structures that would be entirely joined without any nails or adhesives.
Structures allowed- table,bench,stool,bed
No adhesive or gum to be used
No external material other than thermocol to be used.
Judging Criteria
Number of structures created
Number of joints in structure
Strength of structure by load application
Event Details
DATE :     4/11/17
VENUE :     LA-401
TIME :     9:30-12:30
Co-ordinator's Details
  1. Bikram Kumar Sahoo   +917750017716
  2. Ritik Jha   +919546177484