This is not merely a race, it is a test of the bot's limits.
The flagship event of Innovision 2k17 is divided into 2 rounds.
Bots will battle each other, trying to complete a challenging obstacle course as fast as they can.
Special obstacles and arenas will set up a whole new level of thrill and excitement.
The death of hearts on loosing and doing your best to keep up in the race is what Deathrace 6.0 is all about.
Round 1:
1. Each time the obstacles are crossed, 20 points will be awarded.
A penalty of 10 points will be placed for skipping one obstacle, 20 for the next, and so on.
2. Upon reaching the soccer arena, bots will be awarded points equal to no of seconds remaining from the total time mentioned.
ex: If a bot takes 2 min 20 sec to reach the soccer arena, it will be given (2 min 30 sec – 2 min 20 sec = 10 points) extra
3. 15 points will be awarded for each goal scored in the soccer game.
4. 5 points will be deducted if a bot goes behind their own goal line.
Pushing an opponent’s bot behind the latter’s goal line will result in a penalty of 5 points for the latter.
5. The operators and his companions are allowed to move freely in the arena but they should not come in direct or indirect contact with any bot or the arena by any means.
Violating this rule will result in deduction of 20 points.
6. A team will be disqualified for causing any type of damage to the arena.
7. Any sort of foul play or violation of above-mentioned rules will also lead to disqualification.
Round 2:
1. Every obstacle will have a different score for crossing it. The points for a particular obstacle will be marked on it.
2. Penalties for skipping an obstacle remain the same as in the first round.
3. On reaching the end of the arena, 50 points will be awarded.
Note: Any serious damage to the arena by the bots or by the team mates will be penalized by deducting the points as per the damage. Penalty will be decided by the coordinators only.
Judging Criteria
click on this link for gameplay and ranking criteria"
Event Details
DATE :     5/11/17
TIME :     9:30-3:00
Co-ordinator's Details
  1. Sandipan Sen   9051385759
  2. Abhinav Kothari   7978284065