BATTLEZONE is a race to win where your luck is your intelligence and brilliance.
This is a fun game full of childhood memories similar to that of SNAKE N LADDER game.
But this time it has got some logical twist.
The participants must come in a team of 2 members.
It consists of 2 rounds:
For ELIMINATION (Round 1):-
All teams will be given a buzzer which you have to use when you want to answer any of the questions.
In this round any of the two members of a team can answer the question.
The format will be similar to that which is followed in other buzzer quiz contests, i.e. a question will be asked and the team who will press the buzzer first will only be allowed to answer.
Correct answer gives positive points, wrong answer gives negative points and unanswered will also give negative marks.
Other rules will be given on the time of competition.
Top scoring teams will move to the GAME PLAY ROUND.
For Game Play (Round 2)-
1.All the teams qualified in the elimination round will be playing together at a time.
2.The game is similar to that of snake n ladder game but it is interesting to note that in place of Snakes N Ladders we are having some riddles or tasks so be careful.
3. In this round the two members will play separately, i.e. one member will be present in the questioning area where he/she will have to answer questions and another member will stand in the playing board and he may have to perform some funny tasks.
4. This time no buzzer will be there instead the players will be given chance cycle wise as in a snake and ladder game.
5. The team mate in the questioning round will continue answering until the team mate in the task division reaches any checkpoint where he has to perform a task. There are certain lifelines (T&C apply). Rules of lifeline will be given on spot.
6. For every cycle there will be different up and down level.
7. There may be time limit for some cycles but not for all cycles.
8. Team to reach the 100 numbered board will be declared as winner.
9. Other rules will be declared on spot.
NOTE :- Use of mobile phones in between any of the round is strictly prohibited.
Judging Criteria
1)The team which reaches the 100th block at the earliest wins the event and is hence awarded the WINNERS tag.
2)The team reaching the 100th block next is awarded the RUNNERS UP .
Event Details
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Co-ordinator's Details
  1. SHUBHAM MALLIK   +91 9937788722
  2. AKASH JAISWAL   +91 75380 79545