Robo Sumo

In this game of robots,teams would bring their own 4 wheeled bots.
These bots would play SUMO in an arena and a tournament would be conducted among the teams which would participate.
The bots would try to push each other out of the arena and the one which moves out first, loses the event.
1) The design of the 4 wheeled robots is totally flexible. It can be made as simple as a normal wired manual bot to as complex as a bluetooth controlled wireless bot operated from an android device.
It is totally up to the participating team to decide the control mechanism of their bot.
2) The dimension of the device must be less than 30cm x 30cm x 30cm and must weigh less than 2.5kgs.
(if battery is used, then including the battery too)
3) Two bots would play Sumo in an arena of diameter 1.5m.
4) The teams would not be allowed to install any kind of sharp weapons or cutters in the bots.
Any such attempt to damage the opponent bot would result in disqualification.
5) The bots would try to push each other out of the arena.
The one which goes out of the arena first is out and the other one wins.
There would be a time limit for each match.
If none of the bot moves out of the arena, then it would be a tie.
6) The teams can install bumpers, metal plates and fenders to ensure their bot’s protection during the event.
7) Other minor rules would be decided during the event.
The organising team has the complete rights to decide the result in case of any conflict.
8) Teams must use DC motors. Maximum voltage allowed is <=15V .
Teams will be given a power source of 230V AC.
Judging Criteria
There would be a time limit for each match.
If a bot is able to move the opponent bot fully out of the arena, then it wins the match.
In case of a tie, the team with the better bot specifications would be declared as the winner of the match.
There would be two teams winning the event finally, a champion and a runner-up.
Event Details
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Co-ordinator's Details
  1. Aditya Kumar Prusty   +91 7655830492
  2. Subha Ranjan Sahu   +91 8339930735