Eat in and Shine out

Chef's club brings two fun events for the foodies-:
1) Biscuit Eating and Tasting-In this game each team will consist of two persons.
The participants need to eat the biscuits and drink the juice at successive intervals.
Finally,the members need to guess the juices at the end of the task.
(The juice will beserved only after both of them complete eating three biscuits each).
2) Banana Eating-It is also a group game consisting of two persons in each team.
As per the procedures, one person will hold the banana and the second person would peel it first and then eat the banana.
1)Biscuit eating and tasting-
i. Time constraint -1 MIN.
ii. The participants should not use their hand to eat the biscuits.
iii. The participants will be allowed to taste the juice only after they are done with eating the biscuits.
iv.Wrong guessing of the juice will lead to elimination.
2) Banana Eating -
i.Time constraint: 30 sec.
ii.The participant who eats the banana will not use his/her hands.
Judging Criteria
1)Biscuit eating and tasting- The group which eats the maximum no. of biscuits along with correctly guessing the juice shall be rewarded.
2)Banana Eating- The group which eats the maximum number of bananas will be rewarded.
Event Details
DATE :     4/11/17
VENUE :     Main Building near tents
TIME :     9:30-3:00
Co-ordinator's Details
  1. SHEARY SOMAM TETE   8658123377
  2. B NITHIN REDDY   8280068769